Cat Escape Obstacle Automatic Flip Toy Battery Operated Interactive Toy

When encountering obstacles, it will automatically avoid the stuck place. This toy insect they move very fast, they are a fun companion for cats, and they can also be used for chewing.

Products Details

Product details
Item model number ‏ JH00732
Target Species Cat toys
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes
Material Plastic
Function Gifts toys for cats
FAQ 1.Electronic interactive cat toys come with built-in radial sensors. Size 5*2*2cm Mimic insect size suitable for all breeds of kitten or puppy! 2.All of us cats need mental stimulation from play to get rid of boredom. Mouse-catching cat toys can satisfy your cat's natural hunting instinct. Physical activity during play helps keep the cat's body healthy and relieves stress and anxiety! 3.Just turn on the switch, place the kitten toy on a flat floor, and it moves in unpredictable ways. Note: Please use on hard flat surface, not suitable for carpet or small carpet. 4.This product is made from materials that are safe for your dog. Improved bite resistance helps pets keep their teeth clean. Not for aggressive chewers. 5.Interactive insect electric toys are a great gift for your dog/puppy, it will give them exercise and entertainment and help them burn off excess energy.COMPANY PROFILEWHY CHOOSE USCONTACT USVIDEO

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